Osler Certification Benefits

sign SELECTOsler Select, Elite and Center of Excellence certifications represent increasing stages of transformation into the next level of patient-centered performance, where physicians are real-world equipped, trained and supported to be clinical managers and their supporting staff is equipped, trained and supported to work effectively in a value based world. Aside from the obvious benefits to patients and their families, Osler certifications convey tangible value to others, likely and unlikely. For example, patients no longer must rely on Internet sites that use easily manipulated rankings or Aunt Millie to find the right doctor or health care provider – the Osler brand is an assurance of quality, capability and service. Osler certifications also have value for payers to malpractice insurers. Health plans accept Osler certification as their top tier provider metric and many pay Medicare fees or higher in recognition of quantifiable assurance of high value services. Conversely, malpractice insurers provide discounts and additional services because higher quality equates to lower risk. Finally, Osler certification has a high value to Osler Health. Osler certification is required to participate in Osler value based programs, earning higher levels of PMPM distribution and larger portions of shared savings because they are higher performing and more valuable to us all as a group. For more information on Osler Health certifications, click here.

What Makes Osler Different
While we legally must refer to ourselves as an Independent Practice Association or an Accountable Care Organization, Osler is really a cooperative in the operational sense because it is owned by independent entities who receive the benefits of a large, dedicated corporate structure. Benefits such as a group 401(k), in the process of providing group health insurance, group malpractice and many other benefits that a hospital would provide. All without having to sell out your independence or life’s work.

For a more in-depth information on the business side of cooperatives in physicians’ practices, visit Physician’s Practice.