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Finding a qualified, high-quality, well equipped, capable doctor who will welcome you as a new patient, is no longer a system of chance.
It’s hard to identify the best doctor for you or your family. You look on the Internet, in hospital directories, your insurers’ directory and quiz family and friends. The process is almost always uncomfortable, especially when you get the offices on the phone. Will they accept you as a patient? Can you get an appointment if they will? Will it be before the reason you are calling becomes critical?

How do you know that doctor is right for you? Hospitals put their names on all kinds of healthcare providers including areas where they have no expertise. Especially physicians. Hospitals follow physicians’ orders, not manage them.
   Magazine “Best Doctors?” Buy a few thousand dollars in advertising, and you can be the best of almost anything.  Federal and state licensing? Minimum requirements for minimum safety standards.

Osler Certified Primary Care Physicians, Specialists and Healthcare Providers – Proven Quality, Capability and Service.
Osler Select is taking the guesswork out of picking a healthcare provider.  Osler Health certified primary care physicians, specialists and other healthcare providers must meet and sustain exacting standards for quality, capability and service.  Among those standards, appointments are provided within hours, not days or months.  Physicians and other caregivers are equipped, empowered and enabled with the latest in technology and analytics supported by continued training and education.
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Patients & Families

FamilyReading copyOsler Health is different.
We admit not only the best physicians. Their practices must achieve and maintain excellence in fifteen quality, capability and patient centered medicine categories to earn an Osler Health certification.
Then we equip, enable and empower them with cutting-edge patient focused training, analytics and support to manage your care. Osler programs are so advanced, they even include predictive analytics that indicate a higher risk to your health, allowing your doctor to evaluate your condition and treat it before it becomes more serious.  All this technology and staff training allows Osler Health doctors to use future technology to restore traditional patient-physician medicine:
  1. Restore the patient-physician relationship by transforming your doctor from a service provider to your clinical partner and manager;
  2. Restore the patient-physician partnership by enabling your doctor’s independence so that your doctor works for and with you, not a company or conglomerate.
  3. Restore patient-physician trust by requiring high standards. The Osler logo is a mark of achievement, not participation.

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Idoctor with co workers analyzing an x ray 1098 581nto to the Future
While hospital and investor-owned ACO companies are inclusive, busy outdoing themselves to accumulate the most physician practices to become big and powerful, Osler is exclusive, identifying, transforming, training, equipping and certifying practices with advanced capabilities to deliver a new, higher standard of quality care:
           * Value versus volume.
           * Admission through achievement versus recruitment for participation.
           * We equip you to restore the doctor-patient relationship.
           * We empower you to restore the doctor-patient partnership.
           * We enable you to restore doctor-patient trust.
           * Tested, qualified, certified.
Not just becoming ready for the future – forging it.
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Insurers & Employers

hands manyOsler IS the Future
Hospital and investor-owned ACO companies are busy outdoing themselves to accumulate the most practices and PMPM dollars.
Osler is busy identifying, transforming, training, equipping and certifying practices with advanced capabilities to deliver a new, higher standard of quality care to earn value based reimbursement.
We have no conflicts of interest. We are primary care centric. We are owned by physicians and managed by professionals. Hospitals are not our partners, they are our vendors. Specialists and allied health providers deliver good service, outcomes and use resources responsibly to earn our referrals.
           • Value versus volume.
           • Admission through achievement versus recruitment for participation.
           • We restore the doctor-patient relationship, partnership and trust
           • Osler practices are not participating, they are admitted, tested, qualified and certified.


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