Verisk Cost Stratification

Verisk Health uses payer data to enable Osler participating physicians to make more informed clinical and business decisions.

Designed by physicians for physicians, Verisk Provider Intelligence comes fully loaded with proprietary risk assessment, predictive modeling, provider performance evaluation, and quality measurement solutions:

Provider Intelligence is primarily used by Osler in support of its physician providers on an Enterprise basis. It is a scalable, web-based solution with easy-to-use query and reporting tools, Provider Intelligence helps to drive population health management, optimize quality and clinical value and facilitate patient-level risk detection. Verisk evaluates network performance, optimizes medical resources, informs risk and value-based contracting and improves patient engagement.

Provider Intelligence technology and analytical science is developed, implemented and managed by Verisk Health clinicians, statisticians, engineers, business analysts, data managers, and healthcare domain specialists.

Verisk Health’s best-in-class analytics provide essential tools to drive quality and cost performance in risk environments:

Population Health Management

  • Identify high-risk patients in need of immediate or long-term clinical intervention
  • Pinpoint those at risk for hospitalization or emergency room use in the near future
  • Optimize the results and operational efficiency of outreach and engagement initiatives

Clinical Program Design and Evaluation

  • Analyze population and patient-level conditions, gaps in care, quality and compliance metrics
  • Monitor and measure the impact of disease management and wellness programs and vendors
  • Identify new intervention programs needed to address conditions driving cost and utilization

Health System and Physician Network Management

  • Measure physician, clinic or group performance based on risk-adjusted efficiency metrics
  • Assess the impact of out-of-network utilization
  • Identify widely used service providers and assess partnership or service expansion opportunities
  • Inform pay-for-performance, accountable care and other alternative quality contracts

Medical Cost Management

Analyze utilization patterns to identify waste and drive appropriate use of medical resources

  • Assess variation in the use of generic vs. brand name drugs to promote less expensive but equally effective therapies
  • Identify conditions and patients driving costs and utilization patterns