The MDclick Population Health Platform

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No risk or gain sharing organization can perform, or even survive, without meaningful population health management tools, technology and programs. This requires real time clinical data to be pulled from disparate and unconnected Electronic Medical Record systems and organized and converted by a common platform that transforms it into actionable information with tracking analytics, gap in care identification, mass communication capabilities and organizational and tracking software.

Our proprietary MDclick™ system takes EMR and EHR data, and data from other disparate sources, and converts into actionable information from a patient to an enterprise level. Our award winning patient portal not only engages patients in their self-care, but it empowers them to do so.

Our suite of analytic and informatics tools draw data from multiple sources and aggregates, organizes and stratifies it into easily visualized and actionable information. It empowers physicians and patients to better manage their health status as a team. MDclick enables true patient centric population health, quality measure achievement, coordinated care and information access, referrals and communication among providers integrating care. It stratifies risk with tools that show the impact of multiple interventional options, stratifies disease, automates the tasks needed to achieve quality measures and to eliminate gaps in care. MDclick is also a multi-payer system.

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