Osler Health Professional Liability Insurance Program

Osler Health Professional Liability (“OHPL” pronounced OPAL) is now available to our members and member practices. This is a cost effective and customized malpractice insurance program, rated A by A.M. best, designed exclusively for Osler Health members and your practices.

Having elite practices that represent a lower aggregate risk provides member advantages. Being large enough to add special programs such as malpractice insurance, making our members a unique risk group, is important among them, and, is available today.

  • Program Highlights
    Premium Savings: Ability to achieve up to 25% in additional credits
    Profit Sharing: 50% (2014: $15.5 mm) of company’s net income (2014: $31 mm) is returned to members through Annual Cash Dividend and The Legacy Fund
    Annual Cash Dividend: 8 consecutive years of payments with an average yield of 5-8%
    Member Savings Account: “The Legacy Fund”- Approximate physician balance earned is equal to 125% of annual premium over the past 5 years. Highest balance earned to date: $83,104. Highest balance paid to date: $60,056 (Payable in cash upon retirement, death or disability)
    Real Estate Investment: Member only crowdfunding opportunities yielding an average ROI of 16.4%
    Risk Management: Programs that promote, train, and reward Osler Members and Member Groups for practicing “Defensible Medicine” rather than “Defensive Medicine”
    Premium Rewards Program: convenient online training and risk mitigation tools that allow members to earn an additional 6-10% discount on premiums
    Preventing Patients from Becoming Plaintiffs™:An exclusive program designed to teach and promote early intervention and early resolution of adverse events
    Reduces likelihood of losing a patient/revenue source as a result of being sued

    To learn more, please email or call Nick Belutty at Nbbelutty@hpix-ins.com or 484-678-2822 or Lara Scolpino at LScolpino@oslernetwork.com or 201-426-6526, extension 700.