About Us

Osler Health Management

Osler Health Management is an independent, management services organization (MSO) for Osler Health IPA dedicated to provide financial and non-clinical operational administration of the network and insurer agreements, group insurance services, MDclick population health information technology inclusive of its ancillary services partners, services, and support, branding, marketing, public relations, group purchasing and much more.

These services support the overall system that provides common advantages over peers and shifts the balance of power from hospital centric to physician centric.

The five primary things Osler Health Management does:

  1.  It provides the technology, training and support enabling physicians to dramatically improve quality and clinical outcomes at as much as two thirds the cost of unequipped systems;
  2. It keeps its capabilities proprietary giving it a major competitive advantage over similar organizations equating to millions per year in added revenues;
  3. It leverages its partnership with the New Jersey Institute of Technology’s New Jersey Innovation Institute and New Jersey HITEC to have a network 20 times the size of its largest competitor for its group purchasing organization;
  4. It leverages Osler Health IPA’s strength and capabilities to negotiate industry-best shared savings, retained savings and episode of care programs further enhancing its revenue capabilities;
  5. It monetizes its unique ability to gather clinical and biometric data in a large scale with federal and state agencies, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies and academia, which is in huge demand because no other company is able to gather, stratify and analyze data and to customize it to clients’ needs.