A New Partnership

We enable physicians to be paid for what they do plus for how well they do it.


Osler Health has upended the dynamics of control over healthcare from hospital systems, which carry out doctors’ orders, to physicians, who give the orders. It has accomplished this by equipping, enabling and empowering physicians with advanced analytics, training and support that far surpass hospital capabilities.

As a quality and performance based organization that is judged – and paid – on the aggregate success of all its participating practices, Osler has an obligation to ensure participants meet and maintain minimum standards to be eligible to participate.

Our collective success in attaining sustainable independence and financial freedom rests not in completing tasks year to year, but, in establishing and maintaining minimum standards for participation and continued improvement and development, establishing a baseline for success and advancing the quality and capability of Osler Health participating practices year over year.

To identify advanced quality, capability and performance, Osler is recognizing three advanced practice levels – Osler Select, Osler Elite and Osler Center of Excellence.

And, achieving increasing levels of excellence should be rewarded. With Osler, they are:

  • Higher percentage of shared savings pool respective to practice level with Center of Excellence receiving the highest proportional share[1]
  • Focused marketing support at no cost:
    • Office signage and customized brochures
    • Osler website recognition with customized landing page
    • Participation in partner programs
    • Press coverage and recognition

 The Osler Select Practice

There are sixteen basic standards that earn an Osler Select practice designation. Osler’s minimum standards are already advanced well beyond the average practice.

The Osler Elite Practice

In addition to having achieved Osler Select status, the practice will have achieved and maintained the following:

  1. Has achieved NCQA PCMH recognition or has meet Osler’s PCMH internal certification; and
  2. Has a behavioral health professional available part-time and on call.

The Osler Center of Excellence

In addition to having achieved Osler Elite status, the practice will have achieved and maintained the following:

  1. Quality metrics in the 90th national percentile or higher;
  2. Patient satisfaction in the 90th national percentile or higher; and,
  3. A behavioral health professional available full time and on call 24/7.

Osler Health Management provides physicians with the training, technology and techniques to both be paid for what they do and for their good work, which can substantially increase earnings. In the process, we improve quality of life and work satisfaction by enabling physicians to become clinical managers instead of service providers.

We do this by using integrating technology, training and techniques that delivers value to patients and payers in the form of high quality, improved incomes and elevated health status at a fraction of the cost of traditional medicine.

By working together, we also share the opportunity to make meaningful gains in clinical quality, patient service and cost by reforming service delivery with insurance reform.

We firmly believe that to way to fix health care is for payers and physicians to work collaboratively together. One brings historical claims data and the other real time clinical data. With focus today on cost reduction and quality and utilization measurement this relationship is extremely important.

Osler can perform at far higher levels than traditional IPAs, ACOs and similar organizations because it is owned and managed by physicians instead of hospitals. It is free from the conflicts of interest that constrain performance and the politics that complicate provider relationships.

Osler views hospitals and ancillary providers as vendors, and is agnostic to them. It is not, however, value agnostic, and enables its participating physicians to make decisions to benefit patients’ best interests for safety, cost and outcome ahead of their own. The best outcome, however, is not needing hospital services in the first place – and good medicine and the right tools to make physicians care managers instead of service providers make a vast difference.

Here is Osler’s philosophy:

  • A mutually beneficial relationship between physician and payer
  • Each side brings strength and competencies to the other in a complimentary interaction that is mutually reinforcing

·         Collaboration results in sustainable lower cost, higher quality and improved services