Member Benefits & Support

Osler Health IPA is physician owned and managed by and for its members, who are the elite practitioners in their fields.

There are no competing influences and no conflicts of interest. Everything that we do is by, for and to the benefit of our members all supported by a dedicated, professionally managed management services organization that serves our participating physicians to maximize benefits, support and financial returns. There are no monthly fees, costs or financial obligations, but, Osler is not a free ride. It takes work, dedication to transform from business as usual to health care delivery of and for the future, and, requires improving quality, outcomes and patient service.

In return, our members can achieve unprecedented earnings by sharing in a pool representing the majority of gross revenue-sharing proceeds generated from efficient utilization management and eliminating virtually all waste. Distribution amounts are determined by advisory committees comprised of our members. On an individual basis, the better your performance, the higher your share.

Our guiding principles are Trust and Transparency, and, we take them seriously as you would expect a member owned and managed organization to do.

Osler provides industry leading, performance enhancing technology, services and support at no added cost. Our comprehensive MDclick™ population management, referral, communication, disease, risk and cost analytics and stratification software system is the best in the business – and constantly improving, enhanced by partners including Verisk, Archimedes, Kersh, HPIX and others. It is available anywhere, anytime using a PC, tablet or smart phone app to our physician and patient portals.

From technology to system and practice transformation training, support, education, information, everything you need to succeed is at your fingertips. The rest is up to you.