For Patients

Osler Health is a specially selected, clinically integrated network of elite physicians who work collaboratively to deliver the highest quality care with the best possible results efficiently, effectively and at optimal cost.

Osler physicians are specially trained and equipped with advanced technology that allows them to work together and communicate as a team using special rules, called protocols, to ensure your care is prompt, complete and organized. They are supported with analytics so sophisticated that they not only identify our sickest patients, but predict which patients are at the highest risk of getting sicker, so they receive special care and attention.

Physicians and related providers from surgery centers to home health companies must earn their place as an Osler member by meeting and maintaining a high bar for providing quality care and services at a fair cost. Osler, as a physician owned and managed system, measures everything and our peer physician-based governance manages to those measurements.

With access to new, unprecedented data and information, Osler physicians can perform and work as clinical managers in new and very effective ways. Osler physicians are also paid differently. They are rewarded for providing the right care at the right time in the right place with the highest level of quality and value possible.