Episodic Capitation

Access MediQuip Episodic Capitation (Bundled Payments)

Forty percent of all surgeries involve an implant.  Of all costs associated with these surgeries, the implant is the most costly, most variable, and least transparent, representing between 40% and 70% of the total cost of the surgery.  Moreover, this cost is continuing to rise at an average rate of 8% per year.  During the last several years, operational and economic forces have put surgical implants under a spotlight with their significant costs, how they can be better evaluated, managed, and controlled.

Access MediQuip is the largest surgical implant manager in the country and has an extensive national database that improves transparency for implant pricing and use. Their platform is driven by software constructed in much the same way that MDclick was developed.  It contains flexible decision support tools that surgeons can use to reduce variability, improve quality and reduce unnecessary surgery. Moreover, Access MediQuip created secure internet portals for physicians, patients and facilities that provide education, data analytic tools, and the ability for physicians to benchmark their performance with others in the same specialty.

As the creator of the only level 3 implant registry in the country, Access MediQuip helps engage patients through education and safety programs. This provides Osler Health with the ability to notify patients and physicians whenever an implant recall occurs.

Another critical aspect of the Osler/Access MediQuip relationship is the ability to offer Payers a surgical bundle program.  This program guarantees a set cost to Payers while improving quality and safety for their members. It engages patients through education programs and lowers their out-of-pocket costs. It incentivizes physicians who, for the first time are in control of the whole dollar cost of surgical episodes, by enabling them to share in the financial savings gained through better utilization, better choice of preferred implants, more appropriate choice of location for the surgery and a more efficient and effective post-operative rehabilitation.  Finally, the program is replete with industry firsts, including instituting clinical guidelines and best practices based on evidence-based medicine, the ability to stratify patients according to their risks for surgery, completing patient satisfaction surveys and outcomes analysis and communicating all of this information and data through MDclick.

The Osler/Access MediQuip relationship continues to ensure that Osler Health is at the cutting edge of healthcare in the 21st Century.