About Us

With the need for a functioning population health management tool to properly transform his primary care practice a to Patient Centered Medical Home, and none available, Thomas S. Bellavia, M.D., one of New Jersey’s PCMH program founders, invented his own.


Called MDclick, Dr. Bellavia and a talented development team went well beyond population health. Today, the MDclick suite is recognized as one of the most comprehensive, if not the most comprehensive program available.

Finding themselves well ahead of the rest of health care delivery in design and capabilities, Dr. Bellavia teamed with Nicholas Bonvicino, M.D.,  a physician and former health plan chief medical officer, to form Osler Health IPA, one of the most advanced health care delivery models in operation today.

Drs. Bellavia and Bonvicino teamed with James Doulgeris, a health care veteran with decades of C-Suite experience, to build a management support organization for Osler Health IPA, Osler Health Management.

MDclick is their foundation.